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Sandy Beach

28-Day Summer Sattva
July 4 - 31

Imagine gracefully stepping onto your yoga mat, and starting 28 days of balance, harmony and peace.…

Practicing in the morning can be challenging, but beginning your day with yoga affects not only your strength and flexibility but your mood, energy level, ability to concentrate and capacity to see the bigger picture – all day long.

Join this 28-Day Summer Sattva designed to help you establish an enjoyable, well-rounded, sustainable yoga practice.
This online practice will guide you through skillful yin yoga, flow yoga, and meditation. Classes are rooted in the healing wisdom of our seven major chakras (energy centres). 


Sattva is the quality of balance and harmony. The honesty between rajas (passion and action) and tamas (lacking motivation and dull). Sattva is serenity and peacefulness and can lead us to our dharma (our true purpose).

During the 28 days, you will: 

  • Create space for self-care in body, mind, and spirit. 

  • Slow down, ground, and reconnect your body's knowing. 

  • Transform stress and tension into relaxation and ease. 

  • Rejuvenate your vital energies.  

  • Explore pranayama, mudra, mantra and more. 

Practicing Yoga
Downward Dog

 Can't make the live Class?

Not a problem, practice at your own convenience; you will receive a recording of each class emailed directly to your inbox daily to practice at a time that works for you. AND the best part is the videos are yours to keep!

July 4 - 31 | 8:30 am

Class length 20-30 minutes

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