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Meet Our Instructors

With over 50 years of combined yoga experience, we are honoured to share our knowledge and wisdom with you as you navigate your personal yoga journey. Meet us online at a time that suits your schedule.


Carrie Taylor

Hatha /Yin Yoga

Carrie considers yoga to be an exploration of self - where she encourages students to turn their attention inward to understand what is real in each moment. She specializes in slow flow and yin yoga and is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist which is reflected in her dreamy guided meditations. She also teaches HypnoBirthing Classes and add prenatal classes to the schedule if there is enough interest. Her superpower is to sense and adapt to whatever type class the group is needing.


Nancy Ferguson

Hatha /Yin Yoga

Nancy has been teaching for over 20 years and brings her joyful demeanor to the mix and her lightheartedness to the mat.   Her lifelong passion for learning about the body, mind and soul has guided her to offer Refexology, Bowen Therapy, .Healing properties of essential oils and most recently Myofascial Tissue Release to help pain and inflammation in the body. Nancy is available for private session and is looking forward to guiding you virtually on the mat. 

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